Southwest Property Tax's Business Personal Property tax process is about far more than just compliance. Using our knowledge of the Property Tax Code we seek to render the lowest possible personal property valuations allowed by law each and every year. Our process scrutinizes each line item of the asset listing to determine its tax eligibility. Along with renditions, we file for interstate allocations and freeport exemptions.


Southwest Property Tax leverages our expertise into real tax savings for our clients. Our team applies our expert knowledge of the Property Tax Code and years of appraisal training & experience to seek the lowest possible assessments allowed by law. We compile market data provided both by our network of clients as well as external sources into a database. This provides us with the pertinent data needed to effectively represent our clients before the appraisal district staff and appraisal review boards. Our database delivers the quantifiable evidence needed to properly support our valuations and aggressively appeal your assessments.

Our Services Include:

  •   Preparation and Filing of Personal Property Renditions
  •   Preparation and Filing of Abatements/Exemptions
  •   Preparation and Filing of Interstate Allocations
  •   Review Notices of Appraised Value
  •   File Property Tax Protests
  •   Negotiate Appraised Values with Appraisal District Staff
  •   Attend Appraisal Review Board Hearings
  •  Consultation and representation for arbitration, SOAH hearings,      and litigation
  •  Collection and verification of tax statements prior to payment
  •  Prepare year-end final property tax report
  •   Tax estimates for budget forecasts

Many of our clients have come to rely on our year-end tax reports to simplify their workload. The report consolidates all property tax statements into one document. This can be used to pay your taxes, as a checklist, budgeting tool or since it comes in MS Excel you can import it into check-writing software.

Southwest Property Tax provides personalized service based on your needs!

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